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Against The Grain

Around July 2024 NOT YET ANNOUNCED

About last years edition


Welcome to ATG 2021: We are hopeful and excited about bringing this tournament back after missing in 2020.

We have the dates locked in with the state for scheduling purposes, but we have not yet been able to secure the beach permit since the state is not accepting applications yet. All indications so far, it is looking positive.

Normally registration would open in March, so for planning purposes we cannot wait any longer. Initial status for All registrations will be "Pending" rather than the usual "Accepted". This means your spot will be reserved, but you will not be charged. Once the tournament has permits in hand, you will be billed and your status updated to "Accepted".

COVID: We recognize the situation around COVID is rapidly evolving and highly fluid. At this point outdoor recreation is not heavily impacted, however, if the situation changes is possible we may have to impose certain restrictions on play. We are unlikely to have an indoor party this year

How to register:

  • Captains: Team signups are open. Please contact the  if you want to sign up a team after June 20 as we want to make sure you are serious going into pool arrangements.
    • You will have the option of adding players to your roster (make sure they are committed). Make sure you are not paying for everyone on your team, unless you want to. Next have your teammates go online and sign their waivers and pay if you haven't done so for them. Due to limited field space we may cap the number of teams. 
  • Team Players: Once the team is created, go online to register yourself.
    • If they have already added you to the team roster all you need to do is pay and sign the waivers. If you're captain hasn't completed the roster, find your team and register for it. Make sure you check with the captain before signing up for any team. Players may be removed from teams if they don't have the captain approval.
  • Free Agents: If you are interested in picking up but don't have a team, using your social network is the best option, but you can email the  and may get a response.

When: July 17 & 18, 2021

Where: Seaside, Oregon. Fields on the beach west of the Promenade (turnaround). Fields will be approximately here.

Format: 5v5, bring your own team. Minimum team size 10, ideal is probably 12-14 (minimum 5 men/5 women). First person to sign up for a team is the captain!

Cost: Early Bird: $30/person (before 6/21), Regular: $35 (after 6/21), Last Week: $40

Games: Saturday pool play, Sunday tournament brackets.

Pre-Party: we are not announcing an indoor gathering at this time

Party: we are not announcing an indoor party at this time

Lodging: you are on your own. Book your hotels/campgrounds early as things get expensive/full close to the date. 

No Refunds: No refunds will be given to players or teams who drop out of the tournament for a reason other than cancellation of the tournament.

Purpose: Fun Beach Ultimate and exposure for the sport. This is an opportunity to show off Beach Ultimate to a large audience of beach-goers.

See you at the beach! 

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