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AWUF Indoor Winter League

Around June - August 2024 NOT YET ANNOUNCED

About last years edition

AWUF Indoor Winter League

Welcome to the first Albury Wodonga Ultimate Frisbee (AWUF) Indoor Winter League. Stay toasty warm inside and keep enjoying the friz action - the perfect warm up before the AWUF Spring League!
Time: Sundays 12pm-1pm
Venue: Wodonga Leisure Centre, Wodonga, 3690
Covid Safety: Players use the Vic QR code at reception to sign in upon arrival. Wear a face mask when inside up until warm up. Social distance. Sanitise hands and disc.
Cost: $65 for a season pass (paid before season starts), $10 per game for fill-in players (paid before playing)
Bank Deposit
640 000
Ref: [Your Name - Team name]
Teams: 5 v 5 (max 10) Fill-ins are available for teams short on players (please let admin know if you require a fill-in prior to game day)
Gender Ratio: Minimum one female player on the court
Game duration: 5 min warm up time, 2 x 25 min halves, 5 min half time (Please arrive on time, games will start at 12:05 sharp!)
League Rules: The league will follow regular WFDF rules with these exceptions:
  • Only pull to start the game and 2nd half (swap pulling duties)
  • Stall count is to 7
  • Score in the netball semi circle. Tap the ground with the disc once in the end zone, point will not count otherwise.
  • Game is continuous meaning once you score you maintain the offence and attack the opposite end zone.
  • Substitutions may be made at anytime during the game.
  • If your throw hits something, it's a turnover (eg. hoop, wall).
  • No pick calls (due to the small playing space).
  • When the siren goes finish the point. There can be draws. 

Forfeiting: The forfeiting team will be given a loss and 0 spirit. Their opponent gets a win and spirit unrecorded.                           

Reporting Results: Game scores and Team Spirit to be reported via AFDA upon completion of game. MVP and Player Spirit to be done via score sheets provided. These must be handed to Event Admin at the end of the game. Please ensure everything is reported on the day.

Winning Team: The team on top of the ladder will be declared the winner. If tied it will be decided as follows:
  • Highest win %
  • Highest points difference 
  • Most points for

Presentation: 29th August following the conclusion of games. 2:30PM @ The Woolhouse (600 Dean st Albury). Kitchen and Bar will be open. Friends and Family welcome.

Address: Hedgerow Ct, Albury, Australia
Number of Teams:
Organised by: Albury Wodonga Ultimate Frisbee

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