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Bar do Peixe (BDP Tournament)

22 - 26 June 2022

About this event

It´s the most EPIC Beach Tournament in the world: a 12 mixed team beach hat tournament, 12/13 players each. A draw will take place before the games. This process will be seeded to ensure an even distribution of women and men and of individual skills. This tournament is for men and women of all ages from all over the world. It’s usually a high level tournament, but it’s also a good opportunity to start playing and gain some experience.

About this edition

One of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, beach ultimate, fantastic weather, cold beers & caipirinhas (if you still down know what is this, you for sure going to find out, and became a fan), good food, amazing people, good friends and great parties... sounds good? This is the most relax ultimate beach tournament in the worlds, game starts around 14:00, so you can party late every night, for 4 day you will forget everything and enjoy the best things in life…. Don´t leave for last, start booking your plane ticket right know, for a lot of people this is a special tournament, this is the XVI edition, and we still have people that came every one of it Most of people already have heard about BDP, they don´t need to be convinced, if you never been here, come…. alone or with friends and you will never regret it So see you soon in the beach………..

Address: , Praia do Meco, Portugal
Edition: 24
Number of Teams: 12
Organised by: Bruno Soares

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New Zealand

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Irish Flying Disc Association