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Boston Invite

17 - 18 July 2021

About this edition

Quick Info

  • When: July 17-18, 2021
  • Where: Rogers Field, Devens, MA
  • Who: Mixed, Women's, and Open club teams
  • Cost: $50 team fee, $40/player with Call-Your-Own-Fee coupon codes
  • USAU sanctioned regular-season event -- event page coming

Boston Invite is back!

After a year off, Boston Invite is back for 2021. Different weekend (for this year), same tournament.

We're planning on running Elite and Classic divisions for Mixed, Women, and Open.  We expect to have 8 teams in each of those 6 divisions, but that may change.  

Bid & Payment

We are experimenting with a different payment structure for the tournament this year, intended to make BI and similar tournaments more accessible:

  • TEAMS: 
    • Due at signup: $50. This will be refunded if you don't get accepted, if you drop out before June 15, or if you can't attend due to COVID-related restrictions. 
    • Due after your team is accepted: $40 per player, with coupon codes available to discount any amount up to 100% of the cost.  

While we know that this is different than many teams/players are used to. There are a couple of reasons that we think it's worth trying.  The first is that it makes it easier for an individual to participate, because it allows every individual participant to decide what they feel comfortable paying.  The second is that many costs of a tournament are based on how many people participate, and this allows us, as the organizer of the tournament, to better ensure that we're making back our costs.  (Also, a two-day ultimate tournament costs less than your local 5k Fun Run, and that's nuts.)

To submit a bid or to add yourself to a roster, hit the "Register" button on this page.  Team captains, when you register your team you'll be asked to pay $50, but rest assured that is refundable .

COVID-related details

At the moment, we believe that by mid-July we should be able to run a tournament with minimal restrictions.  With that said, the public health situation can change quickly, and that may force us to make changes (including cancellation) with relatively short notice. We don't anticipate that, but it is possible.

We will run this tournament under the most restrictive of USAU, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and Devens municipal requirements.  As of late April, USAU is requiring masks for all competitive play and expects to continue to do so for this year, but does not have further restrictions.  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts also requires masks for all sports, has no restrictions on gameplay, but does not allow gatherings of tournament size.  We expect that to change by July, but it may not.  

Teams & Schedule

We are currently planning to accept

  • At least 16 Mixed teams (8 each in Elite and Classic brackets)
  • At least 16 Women's teams (8 each in Elite and Classic brackets)
  • At least 16 Open teams (8 each in Elite and Classic brackets)

Depending on application numbers and public health considerations, we may increase or decrease the number of teams accepted into one or more of the divisions.  

We recognize that this is less specific than we've typically be in past years, but as of now we simply don't know how many teams of any given level are going to be able to organize themselves for this year.  

Team Selection

The top 6 Mixed, Women's, and Open teams from Boston Invite 2019 are provided spots to this tournament, should they choose to register before June 1st.  Beyond that, selection of elite teams will largely be based on strength of roster (player history), and any recent results that may have occurred.

For Classic divisions, teams will be selected by random draw on June 15th (if more than 8 teams have registered for a division).  If less than 8 teams have registered, they'll be accepted at that point, and additional teams will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Games will take place on July 17th and 18th, with each day likely running 9am-5pm.

USA Ultimate & Rostering

Everyone, on every team, must have a USA Ultimate membership and current waiver on file before July 17th. Your full roster must be on USA Ultimate as an event roster for Boston Invite, and must match the paid roster on this site.  You cannot use the single event USAU fee for Boston Invite, since we're part of the regular season.

In keeping with the USAU Guidelines for the 2021 Club season, there isn't a roster limit for this event.


Contact  with any questions/comments/concerns!

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