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12 - 13 February 2022

About this event

BRainyDisk is finally back!

BSI Ultimate and Stormkast wish to welcome everyone to the third round of the Norwegian Ultimate Series!

This is also the first round of the Norwegian Series for the new year so lets get a great start! (Tournament is Part of the Norwegian ultimate series but all teams are welcome!)

Teamfee: 1500 NOK (covers up to 10 players) Extra players over 10: 150 NOK pr player. Account: 3624.21.09176

Signup: Deadline: January 26 2024.

Quick info: Finals will be finished by 16:00 on Sunday. A simple lunch (baguette or similar) both days included in the team fee. We might be able to aid some of you with sleeping arrangements if needed. Format: Loose mix (allways one of each gender on the feild). Swiss draw, 16 teams and a cozy northern feel!

Party venue TBD. If there is anything else please ask.

About this edition

Stormkast, BSI and NHHI from Bergen would like to welcome you and your team to BrainyDisc! • Loose Mixed 5v5 indoors • 12-13 Feb 2022 • Haukelandshallen, Bergen, Norway Up to 16 teams will face off! We come together in the dark and the snow to enjoy each others company, party and play some hard fun ultimate. Games start Saturday morning and should be done around 1600 on Sunday. Tournament format: Swiss Draw with finals. Games: first to 13pts or 30 minutes. Team Fee: 1200 NOK ish 120 euro. (covers up to 10 players. 120 NOK ekstra pr player over 10) This includes: Tournament entry, simple lunch both days. Cost of party: TBD due to covid and space restrictions this will be anounced later. Estimated 100 NOK ish 10 euro. Pick-up team: TBD This year we are also trying to up our party game and getting the proper gettogether that Norwegian ultimate needs and deserves! How to sign up? Follow this link ( ) and fill out your teams details. The 15th of december there will be an announcement on wich teams have a spot. If you have questions our mail is

Address: Haukelandshallen, BERGEN, Norway
Edition: 15
Number of Teams: 16
Organised by: Haakon

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