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Burning Ape

Around July 2024 NOT YET ANNOUNCED

About last years edition

The water is still. A soft chirping. A beaver gliding through the water.... But what is that? A quiet but steady rumbling goes through the jungle, repeats itself and gets louder and louder. Bambambambabam bambambambabam HUUH! The Scorillaz are searching for a new home and have soon found it. Burning Ape is back! In a different shape, in a different season, at a different place. But still as awesome as ever. Last time organised in 2019, the Scorillaz go wild with the comeback of their most beloved event. We took the best from our experiences and added some new spice... Friday welcome party - festival like organisation - background lore - concerts - activities - big wooden constructs - fun - lot of hilarious stuff - …. Oh, and yeah… ultimate frisbee as well. For more content:,, Info: 28.-30. July 2023, Airport Belp, Bern, Switzerland, 12-16 Teams, Real Mixed, Fair food with fair prices, Camping near fields, TF/PF: tbd

Address: Flugplatzstrasse 4, Belp, Switzerland
Edition: 3
Number of Teams: 12
Organised by: Scorillaz

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