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Euro Beach In America

Around September 2024 NOT YET ANNOUNCED

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Labor Day Beach Hat Tournament

The goal of the first annual BUDA Labor Day weekend beach hat tournament is to reignite your love for beach ultimate.  We want to host a 5v5 European-style hat tournament.  In Europe, the beach tournaments are as much about having fun and enjoying the beach as they are about playing ultimate.  We want to make sure there are big time gaps between each game and that teams are encouraged to do a spirit circle and to play a spirit game between each game.  The tournament is pay what you can with a recommended donation of $15.  All proceeds will go to the Charles River Alleycats, a local organization that rescues stray cats here in Boston. Tournament details:Revere Beach

We can't get permits on beaches, so officially Revere Beach is the recommended meeting spot

We will try to setup fields near the Wonderland T stop at the beach marker #20 across from the Ocean 650 Apartments. 

Games will start at 10am

Plan on being there by 9:30 to warmup and to get to know your team

We should be wrapping up by 4pm

Games will be to 15; the hard cap will be set at 45 minutes and then a 25 minute break between games

We will provide a list of spirit games to play between games

3/2 tournament but depending on the numbers we might not be strictly gender matching

Sand socks are highly recommended on Revere

There are lots of sharp shells buried in the sand

We want everyone to be safe

My favorite brand for sand socks are from ShocSox.  

Consumption of alcohol is prohibited on Revere Beach

After tournament refreshment and food meeting spot will be at Bill Ash's Lounge - there are several nearby food options.

Address: Revere Beach Blvd, Revere, MA 02151, United States
Edition: 5
Number of Teams: 10
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