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PICL: Philadelphia Intermediate Competitive League

Around June - August 2024 NOT YET ANNOUNCED

About last years edition

PADA values diversity, equity and inclusion, and we expect all players to uphold those values in their words and actions. For additional information, please read and reference the PADA DEI Language Glossary. 

 Safety precautions: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the following safety rules will be implemented. Please visit our mask update blog for more information. 

  • Players who are fully vaccinated may play without masks. Players who wish to play without a mask must self-report their vaccination status via the Vaccination Status Survey
  • Players who have not completed the vaccination status survey and certified that they are fully vaccinated must wear masks at all times (if masks need to be removed for water breaks, catching your breath, etc., please ensure you maintain a distance of 6ft from others). 
  • If your vaccination status has changed and you’d like to update your survey response please fill out the vaccination status survey and notify your league coordinators.
  • Captains will be provided with their team roster, which will include player vaccination status. For those players who are partially vaccinated, their fully vaccinated date will also be included. 
  • Players who have not filled out the vaccination status form or who have indicated that they are partially/unvaccinated and refuse to follow mask guidelines will be removed from the league. 
  • To report a player for not following mask guidelines, please fill out the Mask Guideline Incident Form.
  • All teams are allowed to call ‘Equipment Time-Outs’ to allow masked players to replace/adjust their mask should it come off during play. ‘Equipment Time-Outs’ will follow the same structure as a ‘Pick Call’.
  • All teams will be allotted “Mask Time-Outs” for players to remove their masks and catch their breath during play. Each team will have 2 mask time-outs per half. Please note, social distancing guidelines should be followed whenever a mask is removed. 
  • Do not share food or water with other players. Pack more water than you anticipate needing.

PADA reserves the right to adjust these safety precautions at any time. Changes, updates, or other concerns regarding player safety will be communicated in a timely fashion. Outside of the above specified precautions, PADA will follow current CDC safety recommendations.   

Important Policies:
Pet Policy
Bike Policy
Spirit Reporting

: This is a co-ed, adult 16+* competitive Ultimate league open to all skill levels.

Welcome to the third year of the Philadelphia Intermediate Competitive League (PICL)! This league offers a competitive style of play at an intermediate skill level. PICL is seeking players and captains who share its core values:

  • Spirit of the Game
  • Actively promoting gender equity by playing with a 4:3 gender ratio (either woman-matching : man-matching or man-matching : woman-matching players)
  • Encouraging woman-matching players to take leadership roles both on and off the field
  • Maintaining a balanced amount of playing time by following The PICL Rule*

*The PICL Rule is an additional spirit rule that captains and players are encouraged to follow to achieve fair playing time for all players. The PICL Rule states that no player should spend more than 3 points in a row on the sideline nor more than 3 points in a row on the field. The PICL Rule acknowledges that this may be adjusted by the captains based on numbers, injuries, endurance, and the desire of certain players to play fewer points. As this is a competitive league, captains may choose to make an exception to this rule on "Universe Point" (aka Double game point) only.

This is a weighted Hat League: teams will be built by the coordinators in order to create competitively balanced teams. Each player (including captains) will be allowed to baggage** with one additional person. At the discretion of the coordinators, baggage may be expanded to accommodate families and other special situations.

** Baggage = players may request one other player to play on the same team. Both players must register and each player in a baggage pair must indicate the other as their requested baggage. Specify your baggage when you complete your league registration.


  • Registration will open on April 30 and close on May 16th
  • PADA will use the lottery system for this registration. Man-matching players must register by May 6th in order to be entered in the lottery. 
  • Players may register in baggage groups of up to two (2) people total. 
  • All players ages 16* and up are welcome to register. 

*In compliance with federal child protection laws, PADA will be requiring all minors playing in adults leagues (16-17 year olds) be accompanied by an approved adult at all games. Please reach out to about all under-18 registrants.


For woman-matching players: Early bird registration ($10 discount) will be available from April 30th - May 6th  Woman-matching players playing their first PADA league will receive a 50% discount off the registration fee, this should apply automatically. Please note that if we find you have created a new account to receive a first time woman-matching player's discount, you will be placed on the waitlist while we combine your accounts and await payment for the remaining 50% of the registration fee. 

If you have already registered for FPSL and would like to redeem a $20 coupon for registering for PICL as well, apply the coupon code PICLwmp21 when you are checking out.

For man-matching players: Registration for the lottery will be open from April 30th, 12 pm to May 6th, 12 pm.  MAN-MATCHING PLAYERS WILL INITIALLY BE WAITLISTED.  All man-matching players not baggaged with a woman-matching player will be waitlisted initially and will remain so until pulled into the league via the lottery. All man-matching players who baggage with a woman-matching player during the lottery registration window will be pulled off the waitlist. Please read more on the waitlist/lottery policy here. Man-matching players who are already registered for FPSL will not be accepted into PICL. Man-matching players MUST choose between FPSL and PICL (man-matching players cannot sign up for both). Man-matching players may freely sign up for UHLe or Rocky in addition to FPSL or PICL.


  • $90 Pinnies and discs are included with this league
  • There is a $10 Early-Bird discount for woman-matching players only when signing up before May 6th.
  • New for 2021: There will be one prize raffled off from those woman-matching players that sign up before May 6th 
  • The cost for woman-matching players who are new to PADA will be $45

If there is a financial barrier preventing you from joining the league, please visit out Financial Assistance page.

If you are currently impacted (financially or otherwise) by the current COVID-19/ coronavirus situation in a way that affects your ability to register within the lottery or registration window, please reach out to the Philly council ()


  • Games will be played on Thursdays at 6:15 PM at Edgely and Chamounix from June 10th  until August 19th.
  • The first game on June 10th will be a preseason game and will not count against the standings.
  • The final regular season game on August 5th will be used for either crossover games or a reschedule of a rain out.
  • Playoffs will be on Thursday, August 12th and August 19th
  • Finals will be on Saturday August 21st (rain date: Sunday, August 22nd)
  • A virtual captain's clinic will be held on June 3rd

Captains: We are now recruiting applicants to captain (each team will have one man-matching player and one woman-matching player captain). Ideally, we're looking for captain pairs, but we can also play matchmaker for interested individuals as needed. Please e-mail  if you're interested. 

Questions?: Have some questions that haven't been answered? Check here in the PICL Handbook, or please feel free to e-mail the coordinators at .

Where to sign up to be on the PICL pickup list:
Pickup List E-mails for captains to use to pickup players for games:

Message From Your Coordinators

We are excited about the third season of the Philadelphia Intermediate Competitive League and are looking forward to another spirited and competitive year. Please don't hesitate to contact us at the email at the bottom of the page if you have any questions. We know there are many new aspects to this league and we look forward to helping everyone navigate them.

Your 2021 PICL Coordinators,
Mark, Karen and Baker
PADA is thrilled to announce a partnership with longtime PADA member Gina Wherry! Gina has graciously agreed to contribute $200 to PADA for every closed real estate transaction between a PADA member (or their immediate family member) and her. Gina is licensed in Pennsylvania and serves the Greater Philadelphia market. She is as passionate about Ultimate as she is serving her real estate clients. Please reach out to Gina so we can all benefit from this partnership!  
A huge thank you to  CON.STRUCT and Society of Threads for keeping our players safe with your generous mask donations. 


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