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Porró Open

31 October 2021 - 1 November 2021

About this edition

We are happy to announce the Porró Open Mixed Hat Tournament for 2021 ! We recognize, however, there's still enough uncertainty that instead of our usual extravaganza it would be more prudent to dip our toes into the waters of the Mediterranean with a modified tournament this year: - A two-day instead of three-day tournament - 12 Teams instead of 16 or 20 - A reduced 35 EUR player fee (refundable for any covid-related reason) - No officially organized dinners or party - Meals and lodging the responsibility of the individual players - No bar on the beach - Yes ice buckets filled with sodas and beers - No party at a club - Yes dancing on the beach until the sun goes down - No big ass speakers all over the beach - Yes smaller ass speakers next to the fields - No sharing wine from porros - Yes buying wine for yourself - No dinner, no breakfast and no hotel reservations - Yes advice on where to eat and where to stay - No masseuse - Yes shared pain - Less players, less teams, and less fields - No 3 day tournament - Yes 2 day tournament - Sanitizing gel on the fields: so you can clean the frisbees and your hands between games - Portapotties! - Fruits on the field: Who doesn't like a banana before a game? - Tables and chairs: So you can bring your own dinner and eat it on the beach - Tents: So you can take some shade from the fierce sun every once in a while - Music: Lower volume doesn't mean you can't dance to it - Good friends and great games: That is what porro was really about all along, wasn't it? SIGN UP Initial registration will be open through August with a lottery (if necessary) to select the players the first week of September. After this time you still can sign up for Porró and your name will be put directly to the waiting list if the tournament is filled. FORMAT Porró Open is a mixed hat tournament where ultimate lovers from all over the world meet to play and party hard. WHERE The tournament takes place on the soft beaches of Castelldefels outside of Barcelona, with hotels and facilities close to the fields. DATES 31 October, 1 November 2021 (Sunday and Monday holiday) COST This year the only option will be a 35 EUR player fee that includes only the tournament and on-field amenities as described above. REFUNDS Obviously the fee will be refunded if we are unable to hold the tournament, but we cannot be responsible for other commitments you may make for things such as travel and lodging. The player fee will also be refundable if you are unable to attend for any covid-realted reason (or, as always, if we have someone available to take your spot). COMMUNICATION We'll have a mailing list and a Facebook page to share information. This page will also be updated with new information as necessary. CHECK-IN Check in on Sunday morning before the games. Exact place and time TBD.

Address: Carrer de l'Avet, 08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain
Edition: 24
Number of Teams: 12
Organised by: Bravas Ultimate

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