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Rainbow Hat

18 May 2024

About this event

In this tournament you register as an individual but you can indicate one player who you would like to play with by filling in the player survey- all reasonable combinations will be made. The aim of this tournament is to be as gender equitable as possible (or as close to a 3M:3F ratio).

We will either play 6v6 depending on overall registration numbers. This tournament uses a CORE HAT format- expect to be grouped with 3-5 other players- this makes your "Core". Cores are rotated with other Cores throughout the day to make 'Teams' and teams compete against one another. If your team wins your Core gets points, the Core with the most number of points at the end of the day wins!

Cores will be made the week prior to the event and balanced as closely as possible to ensure competitive games. Players will need to bring a black and a white shirt to play in. 

Address: 318 Bowhill road, Willawong, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Edition: 2
Number of Teams: 6
Organised by: Extinction Ultimate Club

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