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Sand Sleigh-Out

9 December 2023

About this event

Welcome to the first annual Sand Sleigh-out!  This is a holiday themed indoor beach ultimate hat tournament held on Saturday, December 9th from 4pm to 9pm in the Beach House, a facility in Natick, MA.  We will play 4v4 with 2/2 gender matching when possible.  Registration guarantees 4 games and all you can eat pizza.  We encourage folks to bring their festive spirit and to dress up in holiday themed costumes.  Tell your friends!

  • When: 4pm to 9pm on Saturday December, 9th
  • Where: The Beach House in Natick, MA.  This is a heated sand arena mostly used for beach volleyball.  There are two sets of 2 volleyball courts on each side that make a total of 4 fields possible.  No footwear required!  Showers and bathrooms on site.  There is an upstairs mezzanine that overlooks the fields where we will have tournament food and drink.
  • If you don't have a car and don't know how you will get to Natick, don't worry! We will help organize carpools.  Closer to the event time we will send out emails that will have more information about how to request a ride.
  • What: 4v4 beach ultimate with 2/2 gender matching when possible.  There are two fields so we will try to make five teams of 12 players each.  Each team will be guaranteed 4 games.
  • How much: The tournament cost will be $40 per person which covers your play as well as all you can eat pizza/snacks that the tournament organizers will be providing.  We also encourage donations to the Science Club for Girls or Womxn in Boston Ultimate these can be added on as part of registration.


  • The field size will be approximately 30m x 16m including a 3m endzone. This is an indoor volleyball arena, so there is a natural boundary on one side of each field with a volleyball net. On the other side is either a wall (on one field) or no boundary. This means that if the disc makes contact with any out-of-bounds surface including a wall or a net, that is a turnover. The most important thing is safety so we will expect people to be respectful of the walls.
  • We will play with general 5v5 WFDF rules. For example, lines are out of bounds. There are some exceptions: 
  • Stall count is 6 seconds. 
  • Inverted pulls are required.
  • We will try to keep to 2/2 gender matchups when possible. If we have to we will do a hybrid 3/1 to 2/2 with a gen-zone but this will be up to the captains' discretion.

Registration will close on Friday, December 8th at 8pm.  We allow signups in groups of two (one baggage) but both people have to request each other.  Note that if you are a male-matching player, signing up with a woman-matching player increases your chance of getting a spot.  

No alcohol consumption or smoking is allowed in the facility.  No food or glass is allowed on the sand-covered areas.  

Address: 18 Tech Circle, Natick, United States
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Number of Teams: 5
Organised by: BUDA

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