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SandSlash Dębki

23 - 25 August 2024

About this event

Beach Ultimate & Freestyle Frisbee Tournament. Up to 30 mixed teams from all over Europe. 3 days of pure joy, games and parties. All at the beautiful sands of Dębki, Poland. Registration starts in the first half of March and lasts till the 20th of April. Follow our Facebook page to stay up to date and... see you on the beach!

About this edition

It's going to be the 14th edition of our beloved SandSlash - the international beach tournament located in Dębki, at the soft sands of the Polish Baltic seaside 🙌🏼 As usually you can expect high level of mixed ultimate, a unique Saturday event, freestyle frisbee shows, every night parties, chillout at the beach with good drinks and much more... All you need to have an amazing vacation with the frisbee community from all-over Europe :)

Address: Kontener Dębki, Dębki, Poland
Edition: 14
Number of Teams: 30
Organised by: SandSlash Dębki
Registration: will start in the first half of March and last until April 20

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