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South Canberra Indoor League Winter

Around June - August 2024 NOT YET ANNOUNCED

About last years edition

When:  Tuesday nights 6.30-8.40pm from 22 June 2021 to 10 August 2021 (Grand Final Night). Get there early ready for a quick warm up from 6.30pm, games start promptly at 6.40pm, 7.20pm and 8:00pm. Each team will play in two of the timeslots per night. 

Where:  ACT Futsal Centre (formally mPowerdome) 56 Coyne Street Fadden

We will be using four courts to the right once you enter the foyer.  The courts will be numbered 1-4 with court 1 being closest to the entrance and court 4 being farthest from the entrance.

For the geographically challenged, ACT Futsal Centre (formally mPowerdome) is 19 km from the Canberra GPO (Alinga St), 17km from the Russell Offices, 16 km from Cooleman Court in Weston, 13 km from Westfield Woden.

Cost:  The League is $70 per player for the season.

Format:  8 teams of 8 players (4M/4F). Each team is required to have 8 players registered.

Social:  We will be going to Vikings Chisholm which is a 700m (two minute) drive.

Competition Rules:  We like to maintain the friendly community vibe of Canberra Ultimate at SCIL, but we do take our sport seriously, and have a number of rules to help manage the competition:

1.  Rules of Play - Except as noted, the 2021 WFDF Rules of Ultimate will apply (ie. the same rules we use for outdoor leagues).  Although indoor ultimate sometimes is played in a continuous manner, this league is to be played according to the normal outdoor rules where teams switch ends and then pull to restart play.  Rules may be altered by joint agreement of Captains, but Captains should feel no obligation to agree to proposals put forward by the opposition.

2.  Fields - The games will be played on netball/soccer courts, with the endzone being the yellow semi-circle.  The baseline is the line approximately 1m in front of the rear netting.  All players must be behind the baseline for the pull.  The brick mark is the centre of the halfway line.  If the pull does not make first contact with the field in the receiving team's end, a brick can be called.  If the disc makes contact with items outside of the field (walls, roof, lights, etc) a turnover will result.  During general play, if the disc goes out of play it should be brought back into play at whichever point it crossed the sideline or baseline.

3. Stall Count - The stall count will be maximum seven.

4.  Breaks in Play - Due to the shortened nature of the games (a) there are no timeouts and (b) the time between scoring and pulling should be no more than 30 seconds.

5.  Ending the Game - The game finishes when the final whistle sounds and then one final throw is made.  If play is between points when the whistle sounds the pull is made plus one final throw and the defending team must mark the thrower.  Draws are acceptable during round robin games, but if a Final ends in a draw, a final point will be played.

6.  Forfeits - For the purpose of League Results and the Ladder, a team that cannot field at least 2f/1m or 1f/2m on the line at the game's start time forfeits that game. Double forfeits are possible if neither team can comply.  Wherever possible, Captains will arrange to play, typically by trading players, and provide a normal Spirit Score.

7.  Gender Split - Games are to be played with two men and two women (2M/2F) on the field at all times.

8.  Registered Players - Subject to clause 9 (see below) only AFDA members who have registered and paid their fees for this League via may play.  Players must be at least 15 years old as at 20 April 2021.  Players under 18 must complete a juniors waiver form.

9.  Guests - Sorry but unregistered Guests are not permitted to play. The only exception would be an - "Experienced interstater" - they are a current AFDA member (i.e. registered to play elsewhere) who is temporarily visiting Canberra from interstate and are looking for a run.  This player should contact the LDs and be allocated to a team that is lowest on player gender numbers on the night.

To be clear - if you are Canberran and have not registered and paid to play this League, we're sorry but you're not welcome to play.

10.  Team Uniform - Bring a white shirt and a black shirt.  Since each team has two games per night, both may be required.

Address: 56 Coyne St, Canberra, Australia
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