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South Jersey Mixed Summer League

21 June 2021 - 9 August 2021

About this edition


6/14: Registration is now closed! We will consider accepting additional women-matching players on a case by case basis. Games begin Monday 6/21, promptly at 6:30pm. Field location is Commonwealth Dr and Ardsley Dr, Marlton, NJ. Please bring a dark and light shirt to all games until pinnies come in! We look forward to seeing everyone out there!


 South Jersey Summer League is back!  Games will be Monday nights at 6:30 as usual.  This year the fields will be at Willow Ridge on Commonwealth Drive in Evesham, NJ (the backup fields from 2019).   Start date is June 21st, running 8 weeks until the last game on August 9th.  Instead of a Saturday Finals, we will have a playoff the last two weeks.

Registration will be open from Sunday May 23, 8PM - Sunday June 13, 10 PM.

To ensure a 4:3 gender ratio on teams, ALL MAN-MATCHING PARTICIPANTS WILL INITIALLY BE WAITLISTED. Players will then be accepted to fill out teams with the correct ratio.

Baggage: You may baggage in groups of up to 2 players. You can still play as an individual or with one of your closest friends.

Cost: $70. There are discounts for any player recruiting new-to-league woman-matching players (no limit)! For example, by recruiting 5 new women, you get $50 off. Discounts are being offered to first-time woman-matching players as well!  If there is a financial barrier preventing you from joining the league, please visit out Financial Assistance page.

Captaining: If you are interested in being a captain please note that there will be a mandatory meeting the week of June 13th. 

We anticipate man-matching players to WAITLIST (and the more woman-matching players who join the more likely those players are to get off the waitlist). We encourage you to sign up as soon as possible to avoid being waitlisted. Players bagging with woman-matching players will not be waitlisted. This will also improve man-matching play time. This league will now enforce a more even man-matching and woman-matching ratio.

COVID Restrictions: 

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the following safety rules will be implemented

  • Players who are fully vaccinated may play without masks. Players who wish to play without a mask must self-report their vaccination status via the Vaccination Status Survey
  • Players who have not completed the vaccination status survey and certified that they are fully vaccinated must wear masks at all times (if masks need to be removed for water breaks, catching your breath, etc., please ensure you maintain a distance of 6ft from others). 
  • If your vaccination status has changed and you’d like to update your survey response please fill out the Vaccination Status Survey and notify your league coordinators.
  • Captains will be provided with their team roster, which will include player vaccination status. For those players who are partially vaccinated, their fully vaccinated date will also be included. If both captains are absent for a game, they are required to pass this information on to a stand-in captain who will be present and responsible for reporting mask violations.
  • Players who have not filled out the Vaccination Status Survey or who have indicated that they are partially/unvaccinated and refuse to follow mask guidelines will be removed from the league. 
  • To report a player for not following mask guidelines, please fill out the Mask Guideline Incident Form (Coming soon).
  • All teams are allowed to call ‘Equipment Call’ to allow masked players to replace/adjust their mask should it come off during play. ‘Equipment Call’ will follow the same structure as a ‘Pick Call’.
  • All teams will be allotted “Mask Time-Outs” for players to remove their masks and catch their breath during play. Each team will have 2 mask time-outs per half. Please note, social distancing guidelines should be followed whenever a mask is removed. 
  • Do not share food or water with other players. 
  • The existence of this new policy does not make it acceptable to belittle or demean players for choosing to wear a mask or for having medical or philosophical reasons not to be vaccinated. If you choose to inquire about why a teammate or opponent is wearing a mask, please do so conscientiously and in a quiet, off-field moment. All of PADA is responsible for creating a safe, welcoming, inclusive, and understanding community.
  • PADA reserves the right to adjust these safety precautions at any time. Changes, updates, or other concerns regarding player safety will be communicated in a timely fashion. Outside of the above specified precautions, PADA will follow current CDC safety recommendations. Approved by the PADA Board of Directors on May 25, 2021.

*In compliance with new federal child protection laws, PADA will be requiring all minors playing in adults leagues (16-17 yr olds) be accompanied by an approved adult at all games. We will be reaching out to all youth registrations with further information for summer leagues.

Help us spread the word! Invite your friends! See you on the field soon!

If you or someone you know has regular conflicts with Monday nights but wants to substitute when available, sign up for the pickup list.

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Address: Commonwealth Dr, Marlton, United States
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