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Summer Solstice

Around June 2024 NOT YET ANNOUNCED

About last years edition

One Disc. One Day. One Division. Offense calls gender ratio. 5/2 prefered. Teams required to match up to 4/3. Alternative ratios such as 6/1 or 7/0 can be utilized as necessary. Plan Accordingly.

$150 per team of unlimited team size. No roster requirements to mess with. Bid submission deadline Tuesday June 15th @ 5PM CDT.

Zero cost Free Agent registration for active TUF members looking to participate in the tourney experience. 

Fields will be at West Bank Sports Complex. Great fields in town along the River Parks trail system. Close to everything. Camping allowed at the fields. Tourney party onsite Sat after games. 

Registration now open. Pay with a card online via Ultimate Central, PayPal directly or go old school and send us a check. Whatever method works best for you. 

Solstice remains a super fun competitive unsanctioned summer Ultimate tradition. We truly appreciate your support of local grassroots tourneys and non-profit disc organizations such as TUF. Vote with your feet, come run with us and let's have a great time playing the sport we all love! 

Weekend Schedule

Welcome to camp at the fields. 

We DO NOT intend to lock the gates into the camping area so come on in whatever time you get to town.


Pool A

  1. FUPA
  2. 7 Cutters
  3. LoCoMotion
  4. Boozetown 

Pool B

  1. TUF as Nails
  2. Mixed Feelings
  3. Sovereign J
  4. BUST

Pool C

  1. Bontal Zetty
  2. Sovereign B
  3. TUF Crowd
  4. BYE

9:30am: Captain’s Meeting @ Frisbee Central

Pool play games hard to 13. Bracket play 13 win by two cap @ 15. Two TOs per half plus a floater. Lots of time deliberatly given for rounds to hydrate and cool down between games. 

10:00am: Round 1 1v3 3v4 

12:00pm: Round 2 1v2 3v4

2:00pm:  Round 3  1v4 2v3

4:00pm: Bracket Semis A Bracket: A1vB1/C2, C1vB1/A2/B2, B Bracket: A2/B2 v C2, A3/C3 v B3/C3, C Bracket: A4vB4, B3/C3 Plays winner

6:00pm: Bracket Finals

7:00pm: Tourney Party @ Fields: Showers, Dinner, Beverages, Slip ‘n Slide, Piñata, Horse Tank, Field Games

10:00pm: Adult Swim (Location unDISClosed)

@ Frisbee Central you will find:

- Tourney Food

- Merchandise

- Pools/Brackets

- Lost & Found

Miscellaneous info:

- Tourney will be held at West Bank Sports Complex

- from I-44, take the Elwood exit and go North on Elwood aprox. 2 miles, Complex will be on the Right.

- As always we are looking at a hot steamy weekend so come prepared. Shade shelters and coolers are encouraged. Be aware of the  heat, keep your players well hydrated and in the shade when possible. TUF will have an air-conditioned area for heat-related injuries in available.

- There will be 10 gallon water jugs on the fields so make sure to bring your own nalgenes/water containers. (We are trying to cut down on recyclables and trash.) We will be filling and sanitizing ice/water jugs continually through out the weekend. To help us with this please turn water jugs on their sides when they are empty so the crew can see they are ready to refill. Make sure not to dump out the ice though, it is a precious resource.

-  Lighting policy: in the event of lighting in the area, we will blast the horn 5 times. Please immediately leave the field and head to the clubhouse until the staff gives the “all clear” signal.

- Camping at the fields Friday and Saturday evenings is totally an option. Please camp in the designated areas. Please bring beverages in aluminum as there needs to be absolutely NO GLASS at the complex. We have so few rules. Please relay this one to you teams. 

- Saturday  we will have various themed activities, dinner, traditional field games, plenty of local brew and a great DJ who will be pumping out the tunes into the hot summer evening.

- Dogs are allowed at the fields however you must clean up after them and make sure that they do not terrorize the fields. Stay in control or you may find them floating down the river.

- The new location is close to many lodging options but field camping is totally allowed for the weekend. Designated camping will be around the outskirts of the fields. Get there early and grab a good spot with some shade. Open fires are not permitted at this complex. Tiki torches are always a good choice to create ambiance. Flashlights or headlamps are recommended. 

- There will be a designated quite camping area for those more civilized tourney participants. 

- Saturday morning play will start at 10:00AM, and the captain's meeting will be at 9:30AM Saturday on the clubhouse deck. 

- In order to help in the recycling and clean up effort please work to minimize your waste. Think about what you bring to the fields. Its all got to be packed out. 

- Bring sunscreen as well as extra bug spray. Your teammates will thank you. The stronger the better. When the sun goes down there can be mosquitoes the size of small birds along the river, and they will be hungry. 


Tulsa Ultimate is committed to minimizing our environmental impact. Please help us out by following these guidelines:

• Carpool if possible

• Bring a reusable drinking container 

• There will be 2 disposal containers/bags to use: Recycling and Trash. Help us keep it straight.

• Refrain from bringing hard-to-clean-up items (silly string, confetti, jello shot cups, etc...)

NO GLASS BOTTLE OF ANY KIND.  (Beverages in glass will be confiscated and consumed.)

Text us up if you need additional info or give us a call if necessary.

C ya'll here!

Solstice Event Staff:

- Tournament Director: Terrell Hoagland (918) 697-8910 

- TUF President: Chris Passmore (918) 202-6161

Address: , Tulsa, United States
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