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Ulti Junior

Around April 2025 NOT YET ANNOUNCED

About this event

Join the International Ultimate Tournament this Spring!

This year we have 4 international U20 junior teams participating from Canada and Colombia in additions Mexican teams, so I was wondering if your team would be interested in joining this experience with us I know it's soon, but we are willing to support you in everything necessary to ensure that your team will be here to live this international experience with youth ultimate from other countries.

Last summer in Mexico we organized "Panamericano Junior" see here: which was a success and will give rise to the future of a PAUC Jr in the Pan american region. But between this being formalized we want to continue having these experiences with the youth Ultimate ....

So I would love to share the information with you so you can review it and find the "yes" to see each other this spring. The space where the tournament takes place has all the services in one place: lodging, food, fields and amenities for entertainment in free time, very easy logistics. Literally, all you have to do is buy the flight share with us your itinerary and we coordinate the Ultibus to take you to the tournament, enjoy and we return you to the airport or to Mexico City for a few days of fascinating tourism (the venue where the tournament is located is about 40 minutes outside the Mexico City. Even to complement the experience for Ultimate Junior tournament, we have added a YUC (Youth Ultimate Camp) 2 days prior to the tournament and thus make the trip more complete, camp-tournament-cultural exchange.

In fact, don't worry about all the logistics, we'll take care of it, just come and have fun. We'd love you to join us! Please don't hesitate to contact us and we will help you.


Division: Girl`s and Boy`s (7vs 7) Grass (beautiful fields)

Venue address:

Airport: Mexico City or Santa Lucia (AIFA 25 minutes to venue)

Address:, Mexico , Mexico
Edition: 11
Number of Teams: 12
Organised by: JUF Activando Valores

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New Zealand

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