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Victorian Indoor Ultimate Championships

24 July 2021

About this edition

Ultimate Victoria is proud to announce the return of the Victorian Indoor Ultimate Championships in 2021! The event will be supported by the Casey Netball Association.


Location: Olive Road Sporting Complex, Frawley Road, Eumemmerring (Google Maps)

Key dates:

Friday May 14, 2021: Team registration opens

Friday July 9, 2021: Team registration closes

Friday July 16, 2021: Roster lock. Players cannot be added or removed from team rosters after this date.

Saturday July 24, 2021: Captain's meeting at 8:30am. First game commences at 9am. Event will conclude by 5:30pm.


Flat team fee of $350 (inc GST), with no per-player fee. Minimum roster size is 7 players, maximum is 12. Non-playing roles are not included in this limit.

This event will be capped at 24 teams. To secure a place teams must complete registration requirements (including player waivers) and have paid their team fee.

Payment is to be made via bank transfer
Account Name: Ultimate Victoria
BSB: 033 072
Account Number: 259 688
Transfer Description: VIUC [team name]

All teams must provide a non-player for each game to assist with scoring and timekeeping. Fulfilling this duty with bench/sideline players is not sufficient. Please add this person to your roster as Team Admin.

The team fees will cover player injury insurance, first aid services, tournament staff, event photography and hygiene measures.

Food is not provided as part of the team fee due to COVID-19 hygiene measures. Casey Netball Association will be running a canteen and a BBQ during the event using appropriate food handling and COVID-19 hygiene protocols.

Tournament Rules:

VIUC will be played under WFDF Rules, with the following adjustments.

  • Courts are 30.5m long and 15.25m wide, with 4.5m endzones.
  • Teams play with 5 players on the court, with at least 2 male and 2 female players on the court at all times.
  • Games will be played to 20-25 minutes (time cap to be advised closer to the event) with no points cap.
  • No half time and no time outs.
  • Game finishes at time cap. If the disc is mid-air at time cap, the outcome of the throw stands. If the score is level at time cap, play continues until the next goal is scored.
  • Maximum stall count is 8.
    • Contested stall comes in at 6. Offensive fouls come in at max 7. All other calls come in at max 5.
  • When a goal is scored, the player must signal the goal by extending both arms directly up, then place the disc on the ground at the point the goal was scored. Opposition then plays the disc from there without a disc check.
  • Teams attacking/defending endzones remain static for the duration of the game (they do not swap after every goal).
  • Substitutions can be made at any time, with the player coming off tagging with the player coming on in front of the scorer's desk (except in the case of an injury stoppage). The player coming on cannot enter the court until the player coming off has crossed the sideline. All players are to keep the space in front of the scorer's desk clear at all other times.
  • Goals cannot be scored from the defensive "third" of the court (as marked by lines running across). This rule is in place as a safety precaution because of insufficient run-off space at the back of the endzones to allow players to safely slow down after entering the endzone at full pace.

Refund Policy

Given the tenuous nature of COVID-19 restrictions, UV has committed to minimising pre-event spending this year in order to facilitate a fair refund policy for teams should the event not be able to proceed. Proportionate refunds will be offered in the following circumstances

Teams voluntarily withdrawing from the event by written notice to the Tournament Director  
Up until 5pm on Friday July 9th 100%
Up until 5pm on Friday July 16th 50%
After 5pm on Thursday July 22nd 0%
Teams withdrawing due to locality-based restrictions or isolation orders.
Upon application to Tournament Director. Requires proof of address for all registered players.
Up until 5pm on Thursday July 22nd 100%
After 5pm Thursday July 22nd 50%
Event cancelled as advised by federal, state or local government, or statutory authority  
Up until 5pm on Friday July 16th 100%

Between 5pm on Friday July 16th and 5pm on Friday July 23rd

This is in case volunteers have outlaid any expenses for the event from their personal account and need to be reimbursed. If no such expenses have been outlaid at the time of cancellation, the refund will be 100%

Any time after 5pm on Friday July 23rd 50%
Event cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, or conditions rendering play unsafe  
Any time up until 12pm on Saturday July 24th 50%
After 12pm on Saturday July 24th 0%
Event cancelled by Ultimate Victoria for any other reason
UV makes the final decision on viability for its events two weeks prior. Events are only cancelled after this point as directed by a government or statutory authority, or due to unsafe playing conditions at the event.
Up until 5pm Friday July 9th 100%


Between now and the beginning of the tournament, there will be updates to keep you informed. For any further inquiries or any questions, please feel free to .

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