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Nobody could have imagined that what began in February 1998 as a get-together of a few friends on the beach in Castelldefels, some of them Ultimate players with previous experience, others complete newcomers, would become what it is today. From this group of friends that initially tried to play (chaotically, but with a great deal of heart), a team began to form (over time with less chaos, but still with a great deal of heart).It seems like yesterday that we were sitting around the bar Bañosca's terrace enjoying the first rays of the spring sun and thinking about a name for this new team. It needed to reflect something typical of Spain, both juicy and tasty. A plate of Patatas Bravas. (Wild Potatoes) brought to us by the bar's owner Don Manuel at that very moment gave us the answer.I also seems like yesterday that we played in our first tournament in Munich. We don't know if it was the Oktoberfest beer which caused us to lose every game, or maybe we lost from being kept awake all night due the snoring of a certain Bravas player. In any case, it took another full year for us to win our first tournament game (in the same tournament accompanied by the same Oktoberfest beer and the same famous snores). Since then we have played in tournaments throughout southern Europe: France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Canary Islands... and have continued to grow as a team.

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